Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis

If your products fail, we are here to help identify and isolate the problem in no time! We have the failure analysis experts specialized in electric component failure analysis. Our experts know that when a product fails, it is vital to identify and isolate the root cause of the failure as quickly as possible. Therefore, we are always ready to help you get to the root cause explanation of a component or material deficiency that may be responsible for the problem. We have the wide range of industry experts and top-quality equipment to handle specialized analyses for electronic devices, components, and assemblies. We can analyze your devices for ESD and EOS. Our experts can also identify corrosion, solderability, vibration, thermal fatigue, and many more. Our experts can help you identify failures specific to several different devices, including capacitors, resistors, inductors, transformers, LEDs, medical devices, ICs, and many other devices.

Our Analysis Services

We offer a full range of analysis services that will bring value to any phase in the product life cycle, depending on your tailored needs. Our solutions involve analyzing failure symptoms with techniques such as using the electron microscope to examine your device’s components. This way, we can offer you a 100% exact root cause of the failure of your device. Our team focuses on the quality of the construction techniques used during the manufacturing process of your devices. So, you’ll get a detailed report of the problem and exactly what caused it.

Why Us?

With a team of top industry experts and a lot of experience in analytical engineering services and electronic manufacturing services, we will give you the right answer to your problem the first time.
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