System Box

System Box Assembly and Integration

Our years of expertise have taught us that assembling a system Box Assembly is a complex project that involves much more than producing various types of printed circuit boards. In addition to the printing process, system integration is a crucial step towards ensuring the electrical system works properly. This includes assembling, enclosure fabrication, installation, and routing. All of these components, together with cabling and wire harnesses, must be properly integrated to deliver a completely operable circuit board. The process of assembling a system box can be different depending on the uniqueness of the project. Some projects may only require assembling a printed circuit board inside the protective cover, while more advanced projects need much more extensive work.

System Box Assembly Services

The process of assembling and integrating system boxes is much more complex than it appears. Our company provides a variety of services to ensure a fully-functional circuit board. These services include:
  • Product assembly and configuration
  • System-level assembly
  • Sub-level assembly
  • Testing
  • Software configuration
  • Order fulfillment

Why Choose Us?

Our professionals have years of experience in electrical engineering, but besides extensive knowledge, there’s what recommends us as experts:
  • Quick assembly execution
  • Flexible manufacturing capabilities
  • Expertise in solving complex and diverse electrical issues
  • Fast time to market
  • Certified products aligned with the market standards

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