Cable Harness

Wiring Harness

Loose wires and cables are nothing but a hazard for any business. If you are looking for a safe and professional way to avoid bundles of electric cables overcrowding your server rooms, then you have come to the right place. Our company is geared to provide wiring and cable harness system solutions for various industries and niches. We provide a smart and organized way to manage wires and cables, protecting them against moisture, abrasion, and vibration, which can significantly damage electrical systems. This allows our clients to optimize space and reduce the risk of short-circuits.  

Our Designing Process

We have enough experience to understand that, when it comes to wire harnessing, each client has unique requirements and preferences. Our team of experts works closely with each customer, ensuring their requirements are met in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our design process consists of:
  • Harness drawings
  • Bill of material, which includes manufacture and MPN
  • Wiring List
  • Child part drawing for custom parts
  • Labeling Information
  • Form boards
  • Prototype development

Services We Provide

Our company is capable to manufacture the following:
  • Signal and power harnesses, both simple and complex
  • 3D harness
  • Sealed harnesses
  • RF cable assemblies
  • High-speed cable assemblies
  • Braided cable assemblies
  • Over-molded cable assemblies

Why Choose Us?

Our company is committed to delivering complete and complex wire harnessing solutions. Our processes are certified and approved, to make sure we always meet legal requirements. Each and every cable harness is tested for continuity, weight, dimension, and megger/high pot. If you are looking to make your wiring challenges gone forever, don’t hesitate to contact us today!
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