Supply Chain

Supply Chain & Logistics

Successful electronic manufacturing relies heavily on effective supply chain and logistics services. To meet deadlines and comply with company budgets, it’s essential to source components from the top manufacturers in the industry and have them delivered as quickly as possible. We understand that supply chain and logistics is at the core of electronics manufacturing services, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure smart sourcing techniques and anticipate our client’s strategic objectives. We are at the forefront of technological development and have partnered with the best electronics manufacturers in the industry to offer you maximum efficiency, reduced costs, and streamlined logistics.

How We Manage Obsolescence

In PCB design and electronics manufacturing in general, obsolescence is one of the biggest challenges. Due to the fast rate of technological development, electronic components become outdated very easily,and failing to manage obsolescence can affect productivity and efficiency. Obsolescence is inevitable in electronics manufacturing,but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. To prevent it from affecting your business, we take the following steps throughout the development lifecycle:
  • We work with suppliers who have the latest electronic components in stock
  • We make sure there are secondary sources for the components
  • We only use industry-standard components that have a long volume production life
  • We design equipment so as to minimize the impact of obsolescence
  • We constantly communicate with suppliers to get estimates of total usage and find out when a component is likely to become obsolete
  • When necessary, we redesign the circuit boards to use different parts
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