PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

Are you looking for a solution that shortens the product development cycle and saves money without comprising on product efficiency? Our PCB assembly service can help. Thanks to our state-of-the-art assembly capabilities and the expertise of our technicians, we can help you achieve maximum performance while meeting deadlines and budgets.

PCB Assembly Options We Offer

Depending on your needs and time frame, we can offer you the following types of PCB assembly services:
    • Turn-Key Assembly- we source all the components for your printed circuit board in-house so that you don’t have to worry about working with multiple vendors.
    • Consigned Assembly– you can send us your components if you have them in stock and we will assemble them at our facility.
    • Partially Consigned Assembly-you can send us those components you have in stock, we’ll source the rest, and assemble them.

The Assembly Pocess

Our professional technicians are highly skilled and detailed oriented. We start the assembly process by carefully reviewing the design and follow the assembly steps by the book to ensure maximum efficiency:
  • Design phase
  • Machine programming-Gerber / CAD to Centroid / Placement / XY file
  • PCB cleaning
  • Solder paste printing
  • Solder paste inspection (SPI)
  • Component placement
  • First article inspection (FAI)
  • Reflow soldering
  • Automated optical inspection (AOI)
  • X-ray inspection
  • Through-hole assembly – selective soldering
Once these steps are completed, we inspect the finished board carefully and test it to make sure it complies with rigorous quality standards.
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