Test and Burn-in

Electronic products have a limited life cycle, and manufacturers need to be able to predict that so that they can issue proper warranty. Several reasons can cause early failures in testing electric boards, including issues that can happen during the manufacturing process. We understand how important it is to finish a project that is not only well-executed but durable as well, which is why we take pride in our test and burn-in process.

Why Do We Test Our Devices?

By testing all our components early on, can to eliminate faulty parts early on and maximize the product’s reliability. Because we perform tests on a component level, we are able to lower the cost of development and keep our prices competitive. The most common causes of fails we were able to detect during our testing are conductor failures and dielectric failures, which usually manifest towards the end of the system’s life cycle. During our testing, automatic equipment pushes the device to its limits, determining if these faults manifest early on and eliminate components that cause them. We execute the test in a special burn-in chamber (BiC), where the device is placed onto burn-in boards (BiB). We simulate what the device experiences during use,without actually operating it, by stressing the circuits to detect potential failures.

Our Testing Processes

To ensure the high quality of our products, we perform a complex testing operation consisting of:
  • Board-level functional test
  • System-level functional test
  • Electrical and mechanical testing
  • 3D X-ray with CT

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